Lake Amador Stocked With Over 3000lbs of Trout!

Lake Amador Stocked With Over 3000lbs of Trout!


Lake Amador located in Northern California has been officially stocked with over 3000 lb of trout as of October 28, 2016. Yes, it’s trout season and time for you to plan a weekend trip to this beautiful lake surrounded by rolling green hills and now hundreds of delicious trout ready for the picking. With it’s 13,000 acres of campgrounds, 400 acres of lake, and RV park you’ll never want to leave. It also has a pretty sweet clubhouse.

Currently, the lake is 20 feet from being completely full. Largemouth bass are still actively feeding making the topwater bite strong and a 16 lb catfish was recently caught as well. Lake Amador is known for having the largest planting program in California, so don’t be surprised if you catch a trout in the double-digit range.

If you plan on fishing this upcoming weekend, you can rent a 12-foot aluminum boat from the clubhouse for the day. There’s also a large dock available for shore anglers – I find this the best when it comes to affordability. If you’re cheap like me, save the money and get to the lake early, you’ll have plenty of luck working the shoreline. Definitely split the rental boat fee with a few friends, however, since it’s always nice to fish with company.

Always make sure you check the weather before going, especially the wind conditions. With winter creeping up, there have been quite a few rainy days up at the lake. The colder the weather gets, the better the fishing so get ready for a hot season!