Oroville Lake Fishing Report

Oroville Lake Fishing Report

Oroville Lake

February 17, 2016

Source: Zak Elrite

Air temps: 66-70 degrees
Weather Conditinos: Mostly cloudy with some light rain.

With the approaching storm and in preparation for the next stop on the Wild West Bass Trail, I thought I’d go scout some areas out at Lake Oroville. Mind you, most of my time was spent graphing the main lake points and humps using my Hummingbird looking for bait, bass and structure.

I launched around 7:30am at the spillway ramp. Immediately I saw trout(Kokanee?) busting the surface in casting distance of the ramp. Water temps were between 52-54 degrees in the main lake and 49-51 in the north fork.

The main lake had approx. 3-3.5 feet of visibility. I started by working a Heddon Super Spook on points near the dam, both south facing and north facing. Topwater didn’t produce so I focused my efforts on the north-facing banks, as they will get the most sunlight and warm faster. I picked up a 6th Sense Provoke 106DD (Live Threadfin Shad) jerkbait and began working the 8-12ft depth range. I marked a lot of active fish in the 15ft range and large numbers in the 30ft range. The Provoke got bit almost right away, catching me several “limit fish” in the 1.5lb class. The fish wanted the bait worked somewhat slowly. With two quick jerks and 8-10 second pause and repeat. The best fish of the day came around 11:30am and weighed 2.14lbs.

I ran up to the north fork to check water clarity and temperature. I tried the jerkbait with no luck. The water temp was in the coole 48-49 degrees. I landed a few quick fish on a Keitech Swing Impact Fat swimbait rigged on a 1/4oz dart head, in Electric Shad color.

Overall, even though I spent the majority of my day using my a Hummingbird units and marking waypoints I still managed to have a fun day with a lot of spotted bass action. If you’re looking for a fun, action-packed day then Oroville is a safe bet. Don’t forget to bring your big swimbaits too, like the River2Sea S-Waver 200. There are quite a few big fish out there that will eat those bigger baits if you stay dedicated to throwing them.